Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brasso Seco and Double River Waterfall

The beauty of Trinidad and Tobago is that it has some marvelous architectural pieces, but its main draw is the nature. The natural, untouched environment welcomes people to come explore and gaze in wonder at the miracles of the world. On an early Sunday morning, I joined the University Health and Fitness club for a hike to Brasso Seco.

Brasso Seco is an agricultural community, originally focused on cocoa and coffee, located in the northern range of Trinidad. Now, it is full of a rich local culture with a love of food and music. After the longest hike of my life, to a flourishing forest completely adorned with a rush of water arcing over the cliffs, we had the chance to try the indigenous foods.

Brasso Seco village is particularly well known for their smoked meats, cooked outside over a low fire throughout the day. Banana leaves cover the cooking meat to capture the smokey flavor. As our bus weaved through the streets, the smokey aromas of cooking meats twisted in through the windows and rode home with our group of hungry hikers!

It is traditional for the group to make chow after the hike. The maxi driver began by slicing a pineapple and slapping away our hands as we tried to snatch pieces from the bowl. He mixed the pineapple with coconut jelly, bananas, parsley, black pepper, salt, and some of the spiciest peppers you can find. What resulted was a delicious, savory, and highly painful experience for the tongue. The peppers were unbearably hot, but a side of sliced watermelon eased the burning tongue!

Roads carved in mountains/ precarious twists and turns/ shake hands with nature.

Swimming in the forest/ canopy of virescence/ All the world below.

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