Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tranquility in Trinidad and Tobago

 Shalimar house
There are few things in the world better than sinking into pastel cushions on a breezy patio with the sun streaming over you and the wind chimes swinging a sweet melody from the palm tree over your head. Alongside all these sounds is the softest fluttering of pages, a good book in the mix.

 Chaguaramas, post-kayaking river scenery

Las Cuevas beach in Trinidad

It is moments like these that help me feel the Caribbean vibes, really and truly. There is a feeling of totally relinquishing duties and stress to become one with the present, absorbed into the beauty of the moment. Here, you can forget the bustle of life and breathe for hours in the tranquility, feel the sweet serenity.
P.S. For weeks now I've been wanting to write a blog about the professors here, as well as some social norms and random observations! I hope to fit that into my next post!

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