Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reintegrating and Reminiscing

Dear Reader,

I have been incredibly lazy with my posting! Part of this was due to my busy last weeks in Trinidad and Tobago, leaving quickly for Nicaragua, and the ensuing adventures and lack of contact with the outside world (i.e. internet!).

Here, finally, I will attempt to share the wonderful experiences from the last weeks of my travels!

On a lovely day in late April/ early May we joined a large group of people (mostly Indo-Trinidadians, but certainly open to everyone) in Chaguanas for the Holi festival, more commonly known as Phagwa in Trinidad and Tobago.

After the Phagwa festival we were beautifully colored, all blending together in a mix of powders and paint! People you know and complete strangers welcomed us, rubbing powder into our hair and cheeks, dancing around us and throwing the colors, eliminating every piece of white! By the end of the festival, there was not a sign of uncolored clothing left on the field. The festival concluded with much singing (Chowtaal) and dancing, as well as the traditional competition of building a human pyramid to attempt to break a basket at a great height! (I have photos but none on this computer)

 Naomi and I traveled to Tobago one last time, finding ourselves taking the local buses (for a wonderful low fee) and wandering to the other side of the small island. We traveled through Speyside and Charlottesville (a beautiful fishing village), pausing at Pirate's Bay to admire the turquoise waters and secluded beaches.

 The zoo in Port of Spain also deserved a visit, during which we got an up-close view of the national bird of Trinidad, the Scarlet Ibis! This bird blinds you with its incredible colors!

 The Botanical Gardens next door to the zoo offered a lovely scene, children and families playing in the park and taking shade under small trees that looked like mushrooms. I most enjoyed the times when we could escape from the campus life and people-watch, seeing energetic children and Trinidadians of all ages.
A much-needed trip to Chaguanas to see the largest market in Trinidad! This place had all the vegetables and fresh fruits you could ask for, as well as hand stitched clothing. This area is very concentrated with Indo-Trinidadians, offering a lot of the Indian music, clothing, and food!

Unfortunately, my camera broke mid-April so I have no photos on my computer from my last weeks in Trinidad and Tobago! The last weeks were spent exploring more local sites, spending time with friends, and wandering into the capital for last minute souvenirs. My friends in Trinidad and Tobago, especially my fellow Milnerites, are those I will never forget! They helped in the last weeks, and until the very moment I was seen off to the airport, in making my trip memorable!

For on Milner, Together, We Are One.

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