Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Traversing Latin American Territory!

Dear Reader,

I am reminiscing between classes again. Following my departure from Trinidad and Tobago, I arrived at last in Nicaragua on May 19th!

It is impossible to share every detail of a jam-packed month-long trip, but I will share the highlights.

Finca Mystica- Isla de Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua. This farm/hostel is run by an American couple, Angela & Ryan, who have been living here for many years. It is the friendliest, most accommodating place in the middle of nature, with howler monkeys and delicious fresh foods aplenty.

 Ojo de Agua- Cenote
 The gorgeous dorm style rooms Ryan made by hand, based on a style of hut he saw in Africa. 
 Catedral metropolitana 
 Isla de Ometepe, Concepcion (volcano)
 The greatest taxi service I have seen by far

Crocodiles finding new places to hide from the sun... on the beach.

Worked our way into Leon, Nicaragua. 
 The largest cathedral in Central America!
 Parque central

 On the roof of the cathedral
 Laying eyes on the Pacific Ocean! 

 Volcano boarding in Leon

Off to El Tunco, El Salvador! 
The surfer's paradise here! 

 A trip to San Salvador left my belly full with delicious pupusas and my eyes full with the beautiful cathedrals and art! 

Swerved and bumped through Honduras and into Guatemala! 
Lots of Ruins in Antigua, Guatemala! La Recolección Architectural Complex and ruinas de San Jose
 The famous Arch
 Cerro de la Cruz
 Casa Santo Domingo

Museum Browsing
Then off to Guatemala City! 
 Catedral Metropolitana

The happiest fish in the world. I loved the Guatemala City zoo!
The new exhibit: pinguinos! 

Next, we will make our way towards the East, into the jungles of Guatemala :) 

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